Anniversary Photo Collage

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  • 1. Upload photos
  • 2. Create collage
  • 3. Finished

Ideas for a wonderful Wedding Anniversay Collage 💎

25 years wedding anniversay collage heart
collage with initials wedding anniversary
1st anniversary photo collage with letters first
1 year anniversary collage 365 days
anniversary letter collage one
100 days anniversary number shaped collage
3rd anniversary number collage
anniversary collage with letters

Tip: Here you combine letters, numbers and special characters such as: &, !, + and <3.

wedding anniversary year collage

Wedding Year Photo Collage ✨

Turn a wedding year into a stunning collage. Perfect for celebrating special anniversaries.

wedding anniversary 25 years letter collage new

Anniversary goes Big

Create names, words, greetings or a special date as a collage. Just type in the name and create a personalized photo collage.

wedding anniversary heart collage

Love is still in the Air 💖

You can also create & print a heart-shaped collage with us. We have several templates to choose from.

More ideas for a Personalized Anniversay Collage

one year anniversary collage with letters
anniversary heart shaped collage
1 year anniversary collage with letters first
wedding anniversary heart collage
individual 1 year anniversary letter collage

How to create a unique Anniversary Collage

  • Can I make a year as a collage?

    Yes, it is possible. To do so, use the photo collage as year option.

  • Can I create a date as a collage?

    Yes. To do this, use our letter collage and simply enter the wedding date or even the wedding year.

  • How do I know if all the pictures are in the collage?

    You can tell by the numbers in your photo library. A green checkmark on the photo tells you that the image was used once in the collage. If you have used a photo multiple times, a red number tells you how many times it appears in your collage.

  • Can I add anniversary wishes to my collage?

    Of course! We offer numerous templates with text option. For the complete overview, select "with text" under all templates.

  • Can I create a collage in shape of letters like names or words?

    Yes you can. Use our word collages to do this.

What else to say?

wedding anniversary heart collage

Wedding anniversary collage facts

  • More than 250 templates
  • Add individual text & messages
  • 2 up to 100 images in one collage
  • 16 background colors
  • Various fonts, font sizes & colors

(1 Megapix)

suitable for:

Web: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-Card, TikTok


(5 Megapix HD)

suitable for:

Web + poster & canvas



(10 Megapix 4K ULTRA HD)

suitable for:

Web + XXL print, plexiglass & metal print


wedding anniversary year collage

Benefits digital photo collage

  • Instant download
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Free eCard option
  • Unlimited home printing
  • Download available for for 10 days

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